Image from the press tent at the final 2004 Presidential Debate (October 13, 2004 -Tempe, AZ)

Traditional photography training mixed with unique technological innovations allow Time Lapse Technologies to provide time lapse photography and video that is higher quality and lower cost than its competitors.

With these innovations, TLT has taken time lapse photography to new places: wedding receptions, NFL and NCAA football stadiums, commercial and residential construction, and political events, to name a few.

Because of TLT's speed, time lapse photography has broken into short deadline broadcast and web applications that were once impossible. Because of its cost, TLT is able to provide a unique service to small groups and businesses that have never considered time lapse photography. Because of its quality, TLT content is available for HDTV (1080i or 720p) and film (2K) projects like never before.


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